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Hire Lead Generation Virtual Assistants to help you maximize your reach and get more deals.

Our Virtual Assistants are experts in cold calling, appointment setting and lead generation. Their rate starts at $4/hr.

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How can your Virtual Assistants help me with my business?

Virtual Assistants are good assets for your business. As a business owner, your attention needs to focus on innovation and taking on high level tasks. VAs will help you with cold calling, appointment setting and any admin tasks you needed for their business.

What’s the rate of your Virtual Assistants?

They start at $4/hr and depending on their performance, you can offer them at a higher rate. As you would already know, business growth should also be employee growth.

What if the VAs don’t work out?

Our VA Mastery System - which is our partner for this program - gives you a 6-months replacement warranty. You don’t need to pay for the one-time fee again if you need to replace your virtual assistant.

What’s the skill of your Virtual Assistants?

Our VAs are experts in lead generation. Cold Calling, Appointment Setting, Calendar Management and Lead Management. They are highly skilled and they can easily be trained no matter what type of task you need them to do for your business. As long as you teach them well and right. P.S. They are pre-trained for cold calling and appointment setting.

Antoine Campbell

What's up with it? I'm Antoine "CEO929" Campbell aka the REI Giver.

I'm Antoine Campbell, a real estate investor, wholesaler, fix and flipper and an all around entrepreneur. I am also a father, a husband and a family man.

My goal is to always make a difference to someone's life by providing them with valuable knowledge that I gained from experience and achievements.

I am a solution provider; There is a way for you to start up a business where you can prevent experiencing difficulties since I will be here to give you the solution beforehand.

The Virtual Wholesaling Accelerator course is designed to meet the needs of those looking for comprehensive real estate wholesaling training, setup and operations; Allow Antoine Campbell simplify things for you.