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What type of training is the Acquisition Management Training?

This is a 3-4 days rapid training that will teach you on how to acquire deals and close them. Our game is all about efficiency, effectivity and high conversion.

What will I learn from the training?

We will teach you how to acquire properties at a discounted rate. We will show you how to manage your deals properly, convert your warm to hot leads to contracts. We will also teach you how to calculate your ARV but the overall training will consist of how to effectively negotiate and provide you with a high possible conversion of leads to closed deals.

What if I miss a session?

Don’t worry, we will send you a recording of the live training so that you will not miss a beat. You can also show it to your team if you are training your VAs or anyone in your organization how to do acquisitions.

Will this help me get 3-5 deals consistently?

Yes. As long as you follow our effective methodologies and process, you should be able to close deals consistently. This knowledge is what we use for our business and it helped us make 6-figures yearly over the past few years.

Antoine Campbell

What's up with it? I'm Antoine "CEO929" Campbell aka the REI Giver.

I'm Antoine Campbell, a real estate investor, wholesaler, fix and flipper and an all around entrepreneur. I am also a father, a husband and a family man.

My goal is to always make a difference to someone's life by providing them with valuable knowledge that I gained from experience and achievements.

I am a solution provider; There is a way for you to start up a business where you can prevent experiencing difficulties since I will be here to give you the solution beforehand.

The Virtual Wholesaling Accelerator course is designed to meet the needs of those looking for comprehensive real estate wholesaling training, setup and operations; Allow Antoine Campbell simplify things for you.